Baby Chickens

We now have a limited number of newly hatched purebred chicks available each fortnight.

We only hatch a small number of chicks each time and so will sell a maximum of 20 chicks in each batch.

Orders are welcome and we can even incubate to order at 4 weeks notice.


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Chicks Day Old to 5 Days.

Standard Breeds.

Not incubated in this hatch, more on their way, email to order.


Mixed Breeds.

Gold Laced & Silver Laced Wyandotte Bantams X Cochin.


Bantam Breeds.

Plymouth Rock Bantams - Silver Pencilled.

Sussex Bantams - Light & Coronation.


$15 each,  3 for $40,  6 for $70,  10 for $100.


Chicks are unsexed, but we are able to take back any that do grow up to be roosters.

Ongoing support, information and assistance is available and your questions welcomed.

Pictures of the parents maybe viewed in our chicken gallery.


Next Hatch Due 24th Sept.

Possible Breeds Include - Barnevelders, Malays, Araucanas, Cochins, Favorelles & Baysie Browns.


Next Planned Incubation.

Belgian d'Uccles, Frizzles, Pekins & Plymouth Rock Bantams.