Chicken Breeds.


Friendly Feather Footed Bantams.

Feather Footed breeds tend to have the most placid personalties of all the chooks breeds; making these, bantams very family friendly pets whilst also being productive.
Another bonus to garden lovers is they cause minimal damage when scratching due to their feathered feet.

Belgian d'Uccle Bantams.

Belgian d'Uccle Bantams are an intelligent and highly interactive small sized bantam; available in a range of eye catching colours.

Belgians are a true bantam, which means they originated in a bantam size and there is no large breed equivalent to them.
Although quite a small breed in statue they are big in personality and presence.
They are a hardy breed that is very easy to handle and will be come incredibly tame. Even as adults the breed will naturally hang fully relaxed on your hand when picked up.
Belgians are easy to get back into their cage and good with children. They require very little feed but can also be fussy if spoilt.
Watch out though they have often been known to follow you into the house, or arrive unexpectly in your lap, if they suspect what your doing might involve a chance for food.

Belgians can lay a slightly smaller egg than some of the larger bantam breeds but are a consistant layer and require minimal food to produce well.
They make good broodies and attentive mothers, often able to sit on more eggs than larger birds and open to fostering other chicks.

They feature a beard, cheek feathers, vulture hocks and very long foot feathers, meaning they cause minimal damage to the garden.
Their most well known colour would be Millefleur meaning a thousand flowers in french and consisting of a stricking pattern on each feather of mahogany with a black V and white dot on the end of each feather.

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We breed d'Uccles in Millefleur, Porcelaine, Blue Millefleur, Splash Millefleur, Silver Millefleur, Silver Porcelaine, White, Lavender, Lavender Mottled, Blue, Black, Black Mottled & some pretty non standard colours.

Belgian Bantams are also available in different types such as d'Anvers, which have a pea comb, featherless legs and are known not to be as friendly as the d'Uccle.
For more info on the Belgian Bantam Breeds check out the Belgian Bantam Club of Australia website.


Pekin Bantams.

Pekins are a ball shaped, low to the ground bantam, which gives them the impression of gliding along the ground.

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Whilst they are a bantam breed, their correct name is simply Pekins. However in Australia they are often reffered to as Pekin Bantams to avoid confusion with Pekin Ducks. In some other countries they are reffered to as Cochin Bantams, but although very similar they are not actually bantam Cochins but a complete breed of their own.

They are a partically friendly breed with heavily feathered feet, and are great with both children & gardens. Known for being very placid and affectionate, they are probably the breed who appreciate touch the most. Pekins are very natural parents, even the roosters: but are more suited to drier ground or cages due to having such a fluffy and low to the ground under carriage that they can get and stay wet easier than other breeds.

Although they can eat a fair bit for their size, they are not at all fussy and leave little wastage.
Their eggs tend to be quite round in shape and can range in colour from white through to light brown. Whilst they are a breed who does like to take a longer winter break than most, they are quite prolific when on the lay.

We breed Pekins in Buff, Blue, Black, Splash, Buff Columbian, Columbian, Cuckoo and some pretty non standard colours.


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Silkies are a highly unique breed having soft, fluffly feathers and resembling a pompom. They also have 5 toes instead of the standard 4 and true black skin. Often refered to as 'Sillies' by my daughter, they are not the brightest chook in the pen, however this is all part of their appeal and a large part of what makes them great for young children. Incapable of flight and often having their view of the world obscured by their mop top hair style makes them the easiest of all breeds to catch and open to being toted around or placed in a lap. We breed Silkies in White, Buff, Partridge, Grey, Black & Splash.


Frizzles have curled feathers and look a bit like a chook that put its beak in a power point. They exist both as a seperate purebreed and also as a feather varaition crossed into most other breeds. Some breeding combinations also produce straight feathered frizzles and birds with a double dose of the Frizzle gene. This over curls the feathers and leaves them very fragile. Our Frizzles are our only 'designer breed', after trailing purebred Frizzles we decided to do Frizzled Pekins. We found this combination to have superior feather coverage and a much better temperament.


Tiny Traditionals - Bantam versions of well known standard layers.

All looks, personality and laying ability of the standard traditional chickens commonly kept for laying in the past, but in a size suitable for suburbia.

Rhode Island Red Bantams.

The Rhode Island Red Bantam, as the name suggests originated in America and is thought to be one of the first true dual purpose breeds. It is a very striking, dark, rich red colour and carries its tail quite low giving it a streamlined apperance. Although quite independant, they love their bugs and worms and will appear out of nowhere if you pick up a shovel to 'assist' you with the gardening.

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Australorp Bantams.

Australorp Bantams are a home grown, Australian made breed with a world wide popularity. They are well known for being productive layers, with the world record for eggs laid in a year being held by a full size standard Australorp. However the standard Australorp is a very large bird, making the bantam version the layer of choice for most families. We breed Australorp Bantams in Black, Blue & Splash.

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Sussex Bantams.
A Medium to large sized bantam, They have a viracious appetite, but in turn lay a large white egg, that is probably the biggest of any of the bantams. They are fast moving and amusingly love to chase flying bugs such as moths. But they are still a quite breed, not at all flighty and very easy to handle.

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We breed Sussex Bantams in Light & Coronation.

Plymouth Rock Bantams.

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We breed Plymouth Rock Bantams in Dark Barred and also in the laced colours below.

Leghorn Bantams.

Available in White, Black & Blue.


Laced Layers.

Wyandotte Bantams.
Available in Silver Laced, Gold Laced, Silver Pencilled, Partridge.

Plymouth Rock Bantams.

We breed Plymouth Rock Bantams in Partridge, Silver Pencilled as well as Barred.

When deciding to add a standard breed for laying, I started researching and found the Barnevelders to have everything I could want. The are a small sized standard, around the size of an Isa Brown and also lay large brown eggs. Whilst they will lay a few less eggs per year than an Isa Brown, they will continue to lay for years longer. Most importantly they are not only pretty birds but placid in nature both to people and other poultry, so are ideal in a mixed flock with bantams.


Available in Gold Laced & Silver Laced.

Rare & Unusual Layers.

Malay Game.

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Malays have a rather prehistroric look, resembling the tiny raptors from a Jurassic Park movie. Despite their fighting style look, there breed is unsuited to combat due to their quite nature. I have found them to be gentle giants, with a placid temperament tsthat interact well with people and other chooks.They love their food, and are especially obsessed whilst growing; obliviously running over smaller birds in their enthuisiasm to reach food.

Malays are also proven mouse catchers, I have seen mine catch quite a few. Realistically, given a mouse that was knocked out, most breeds of chooks would enthuisastically devour it. I think Malays are just fast enough to catch them.




Large Traditional Layers.

All About The Eggs.

Isa Brown.

Isa Browns are probably the most commonly kept and well known type of chicken. They are a traditional looking chook, brown with a touch of white who are responsibile for laying the bulk of eggs purchased in a supermarket. They are reknown for their laying capabilities, often laying up to 300. eggs per year.

Isa Brown is actually a brand name not a breed. They are hybrid whos excact make up is patented and a highly coverted secret.