Chooks in their new homes.

This page is for all our customers to share photos of their chooks and their new homes, family, coops, garden, companion animals and offspring.

We are also be keen to hear stories about the funny adventures your chooks get up to, your experiences of owning chooks, different breeds quirks & eating your own eggs.

To add your chooks - email info and photos to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will get it up as soon as possible.


Hello my name is Tom and I am 10 years old and I recently got some chickens from Bayswater Bantams.

I live in the Yarra Valley and I'm going to tell you about my chickens. I have six chickens all together, five hens and 1 rooster. They all have names.

Zed (Sort of tame) Little Precious (Not so tame) Goldie (really tame) Blackie (Quite Tame) Maggie (Also really tame) Razzle (So tame, he wouldn't attack anyone)

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They have a nice strong fox proof chook pen. It is my responsibility to get them in at night.

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At the weekend I let them free range in the garden. They love eating bugs, worms and witcherty grubs,

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A couple of weeks ago we got our first egg, which was very exciting. I think my chooks are lucky to live where they do,

They make great pets and I really enjoy looking after them. Tom (age 10)