Our Set Up

We are very proud of our set up and the way in which our birds are kept and raised.

All birds including chicks have loads of cage space. recieve natural sunlight and get the chance to free range, scratch and dust bath.

Chicks start out inside the house, allowing as to keep a close eye on their progres and setting them up to be very tame as adults.

After this they move to our brooder drum in the shed. Here they have access to heat, a non stop supply of quality food, natural sunlight through a skylight and automatic watering systems. At this age they are kept on sand on a concrete floor.

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Next they move outside but still have access to heat. Pens are concrete floored with sawdust,have blinds for sun and rain protection and predator proof.

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Then onto our grow up and sales cages, which are the same set up except with no heat source.

Our adult birds have ample pen space, with natural sunlight plus the chance to free range.