Bayswater Bantams - Little Chooks, Big Personality.


Chickens are a perfect pet.

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They are one of the easiest pets to look after, are highly entertaining but also contribute by laying eggs far better than those you can buy.

Pet chickens are very friendly and interactive. Each has their own distinct personality. They will rush to greet you upon seeing you and follow you around for hours, sticking their beak into everything you do on the vague chance it might involve food. They will try and follow you into the house, steal your lunch from your hand and bond with an array of people and other pets.

A flock of chooks requires around the same upkeep as a rabbit or guinea pig and much less than a cat or dog. They never want to run away, alway return to their coop unprompted each evening and are easy to have a neighbour care for if you go on holidays.

Poultry can provide all those valuable lessons of responsibility, life cycles and compassion, that pets can teach a child; whilst also having more tangible benefits.
Chickens are useful. The eggs you get from a home flock will be tastier and healthier than those from a shop, plus most importantly natural and humanely obtained. You have full control over what goes into the eggs and the lifestyle your chickens enjoy.
Gardners will also make use of them as bug control, garden bed digging and preparation and composting their waste.


Bantam Chickens.

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Bantam is the name for a small sized chicken breed. A bit like the horse equivalent to a pony.

Some breeds only come in a bantam form, whilst others are smaller copies of standard breeds.

In general a bantam will be one third the size of its standard breed counterpart, but will lay an egg two thirds the size of the larger chook.

They also also require less cage space and cleaning, are easier to handle, make less noise and tend to eat a third of the amount of feed, representing better feed conversion into eggs.

We cover a range of 10 bantam breeds, in 3 main catergories.

Detailed information on each type is available of the Chicken Breeds page, whilst photos can be seen in the Chicken Gallery.

Funky Feather Footed Bantams - Family Friendly Pets.

Tiny Traditionals - Bantam versions of well known layers.

Little Laced Layers - pretty yet practical egg producers.


Standard Chickens.

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Standard size chickens are the larger or more traditional size chooks.

We have specifically chosen only small to medium size, placid natured breeds to fit with suburbian life.

We keep 4 Standard Breeds that include

Large Laced Layers - practical and pretty producers including brown egg layers.

Green Eggs & Ham - Blue/Green Egg Layers.

Pest control Poultry - a dinosaur in your own backyard.


Bayswater Bantams - Purebred Poultry = Productive Pets.