Guinea Pig & Rabbit Feed.

After studying the nutritional needs of guinea pigs and rabbits for my own personal animals, it became obvious that there were actually no nutrionally suitable mixes available to buy. The only solution was to mix my own.

Whilst wrapt with the end product, it involved buying and storing a few hndred kilos of food just to cover all the ingredients; something not possible for the average pet owner. So I have now made my mix available to everyone, selling it in 5 or 10 kilo buckets or refills.

Our Guinea Pig & Rabbits Mix contains -

Oaten Chaff

Lucerne Chaff

Rabbit & Guinea Pig Micro Pellets with added Vitamin C

Micronized Lupins.

Micronized Barley.


Bran (Winter Mix Only)

The main ingredients of our mix are quality, fresh Oaten Chaff & Lucerne Chaff, produced locally by Drysdales in Yellingbo.

Laucke Rabbit & Guinea Pig Micro Pellets, with added vitamin C, is a secondary ingredient, whilst grains are a minor ingredients.

We use premium Hygain micronised grains, locally made in Officer but world reknown and ideal for a non-rumainant herbivore digestive system.  Micronizing is a patented “Short Time, High Temperature”  process which significantly enhances the digestibility and nutritional value of the feed. This not only increase digestability of grains by around 60% but also allows them to make better nutritional use of all they are eating.

Bran is only added to our Winter Mix, as it has warming properties. This makes it great for Winter and condition maintainance but can increase danger of overheating if used during summer.

We also sell fresh Grass Hay, Oaten Hay, Lucerne Hay, Clover Hay, Straw and Sawdust, in buckets, bags and bales. We source our hay from all over Victoria, buying only a few bales of any stand out hay we see. This means the freshest, cleanest and tastiest hay.