Conditions of Sale.


We do not make final decisions on which bunnies are to be retained or traded til around 4 weeks of age, so please do not ask if new born babies are available or not. They will be listed as available once a decision is made.

Once rabbits are listed for sale a holding deposit must be paid to secure bunny.

Rabbits are not available for pick up until 8 weeks of age.

Bunnies should be picked up with in 3 days of available date, unless prior arrangements have been made. Rabbits remaining after this time, must be paid for in advance and will incur boarding fees after the first week.

Available - means that a rabbit is available to purchase. If there is a date, that is when it will be ready for pick up.
On Hold - means that a rabbit is not for sale as it has had its deposit paid and is maturing or awaiting pick up.
Retained - means a rabbit that we are keeping for use in our breeding program and is not available for sale.
Reserved - means no final decision has been made, but the rabbit is not expected to be offered up for public sale.
It may be retained, traded or go to our waiting list, however private offers are welcome.
Sold - means are rabbit that has been sold and left for their new home.

Please do not ask to purchase bunnies that are not for sale. If you are on the waiting list you will be contacted if a sale falls through.

We reserve the right to review any sale if a situation changes and it is deemed important to our breeding program. Any deposit will be fully refunded.

Only rabbits sold for breeding will be supplied with pedigree information. In return you will need to supply us with the name you are giving your new bunny and your stud name (does not have to be registered). Breeders must choose a name for their bunny that is not on the list supplied, as all rabbits require individual names so as not to lead to confusion in pedigrees.

Pet owners can choose any name they wish.

Many rabbits have additional conditions placed on their purchase.
Category A - No conditions apply.
Category B - We require first option if you ever decide not to keep the bunny.
Category C - We require first option if you ever decide not to keep the bunny. If for breeding purposes, we require the chance to purchase a quality kit from one of its first few litters. Alternatively they may be traded with breeders for other rabbits with new genetics for our program.

All rabbits will receive some transitional food mix and hay. Bunnies can be upset with a sudden change in diet. So if you are planning to give them a different food, please mix this together with their new food to help them change over. Alternatively we offer a $5 discount off any starter packs that include fresh hay and our own hand mixed feed.

All rabbits will require a safe mode of transport. No box, no bunny. A cardboard box, taped at the bottom will suffice in cooler weather, but a pet carrier is preferred. It is a wise idea anyway, to own a carrier, as you never know when you might need to transport or confine your bunny. I sometimes have carriers available to buy, but you will need to check prior. Alternatively can hire you one at a cost of $5 with a $20 deposit, refundable upon its return.

No dogs allowed on property.

Farm suitable shoes are required. No thongs, open toe shoes or high heels. Entry to the very back area requires waterproof shoes, sure footing  and advance notice to lock up those guard animals which are not good with people. Alternatively rabbits and their parents can be brought to the front area for viewing.

Some of our rarer colours are often sold before they are born. Click on waiting lists on the left, for more information on how to get on a list.