In The Nest.


Netherland Dwarf Babies.


Colours are guesses when the babies are first born and can change daily in the first few weeks as they develop.

Sexes are also guesses when original listed and are confirmed around 5 weeks.

Decisions on which rabbits will be for sale or trade is not decided until after they are sexed.

After this deposits maybe paid on selected rabbits. No babies are available for pick up until 8 weeks of age.

Please note many of our colours are still under development and many babies are still retained in these colours.

Please read Conditions of Sale on the left before inquiring.


6/1/15 - 2 Babies to Harmony (Bayswater Bunnies - Blue Eyed White) & Potter (Bayswater Bunnies - Sable)

Black Otter Vienna Doe - Sold

Black Fox Vienna Buck - Sold


18/1/15 - 1 Baby to Helen (Bayswater Bunnies - Blue Eyed White) & Domino (Bayswater Bunnies - Vienna)

Blue Eyed White Buck - Sold


30/1/15 - 1 Baby to Olga (Bayswater Bunnies - Broken Lynx) & Bronco Boy (Bunnyatas - Chocolate)

Broken Choc Tort Doe - Retained (Bayswater Bunnies Mary Lou)


22/5/16 - 2 Babies to Cloud (Mt Dandy Bunnies - Blue Eyed White) & Phantom (Bayswater Bunnies - Vienna)

Blue Eyed White Doe - Retained. (Bayswater Bunnies Carmen)

Opal Vienna Doe - Retained. (Bayswater Bunnies Madam Butterfly)


20/6/16 - 1 Baby to Nicolette (Bayswater Bunnies - Broken Agouti) & (Bayswater Bunnies - Fawn)

Agouti Buck - On Hold.


25/6/16 - 2 Babies to Matilda (Bayswater Bunnies - Iron Grey) & Zane (Bayswater Bunnies - Opal Vienna)

Blue Eyed White Buck - On Hold.

Chocolate Chincilla Vienna Buck - On Hold.


21/8/16 - 1 Babies to Acro (Mt Dandy Bunnies - Broken Black) & Smokey Joe (Candylane - Siamese Smoke)




     Stacks of very exciting litters due in the next few months. Watch this Space.