2010 Litters


4 Babies born to Pepper (Chincilla) and Angelo (Blue Eyed White) - 9/5/10

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Black Doe with white dot on nose and part neck ring - Sold


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Sable Agouti Doe - Retained (Bayswater Bunnies Winter)


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Black Buck with one eye brown and one eye half blue & half brown - Sold.


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Chincilla Buck with white blaze and neck ring - Sold




2 Babies to Pixie (Vienna) and Top Deck. (Chocolate Vienna) - 27/5/10


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Blue Eyed White Buck - Retained (Bayswater Bunnies Angel)


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Vienna Buck, black & white with blue eyes - Sold.




5 Babies to Storm (Blue) & Patch (Broken Blue) - 5/8/10


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Broken Blue Doe - Sold.


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Broken Blue Doe - Retained (Bayswater Bunnies Cloud)


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Broken Blue Buck - Sold.


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Self Blue Buck - Sold.


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Self Blue Buck - Sold.




3 Babies to Kayla (Broken Black) & Patch (Broken Blue) - 22/9/10.


Broken Black Doe - Sold.

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Broken Blue Doe - Sold.

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Blue Fox Doe - Sold.

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Chocolate Buck - Sold.

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4 Babies to Moonlight (Black Fox) & Chevvy (Blue Otter) - 14/9/10.


Blue Otter Buck - Sold.

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Black Doe - Sold.

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Blue Otter Doe - Sold.

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Black Otter Doe - Sold.

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2 Babies to Tinkerbell (Broken Agouti) & Charlie (Broken Black) - 11/9/10.


Sable Buck - Sold.

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Broken Black Buck - Retained (Bayswater Bunnies Flip)

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6 Babies to Storm (Self Blue) & Chevvy ( Blue Otter) - 9/12/10.

Blue Otter Doe - Sold.

Blue Otter Doe - Sold.

2 Blue Otter Bucks - Sold.

Black Otter Buck. - Sold.

Lilac Otter Doe - Sold.



3 Babies born to Aurora (Chincilla Vienna) & Angel (Blue Eyed White) - 10/12/10

Blue Eyed White Doe - Retained (Bayswater Bunnies Darla)

Blue Eyed White Buck - Sold.

Vienna Agouti Buck - Sold.