2011 Litters

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These are our Netherland Dwarf litters born in 2011.


23/1/11 - 3 Babies to Winter (Sable Agouti) & Angel (Blue Eyed White)

Blue Eyed White Doe - Sold.

Blue Eyed White Doe - Sold.

Sable Agouti Buck - Sold.


6/2/11 - 4 Babies to Pixie (Vienna) & Theodore (Blue Fox)

Black Otter Buck - Sold.

Black Otter Doe - Sold.

Black Buck - Sold.

Black Doe - Sold.


11/2/11 - 1 Baby to Tinkerbell (Broken Agouti) & Theodore (Blue Fox)

Broken Black Otter Butterfly - Retained (Bayswater Bunnies Fairytale)



2/7/11 - 4 Babies to Winter (Sable Agouti - Bayswater Bunnies) & Theodore (Blue Fox - Rose Cottage)


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Sable Agouti Buck - Retained. (Bayswater Bunnies Autumn)

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Sable Agouti Buck - Sold.

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Sable Buck - Sold.

Sable Agouti Buck - Sold.



5/7/11 - 3 Babies to Topsy (Agouti - Little Bunnyatas) & Dinozzo (Chocolate - Sommerrabiits)

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Black Buck - Sold.

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Agouti Buck - Sold.

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Black Doe - Sold.

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8/7/11 - 5 Babies to Storm (Blue - Sommerabbits) & Howler (Cinnamon - loaned from Mt Dandy Bunnies)

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Agouti Doe - Sold.

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Cinnamon Doe - Sold.

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Lynx Doe - Sold.

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Opal Doe - Sold.

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Chocolate Otter Buck - Sold.

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21/7/11 - 3 Babies to Pixie (Vienna) & Jackson (Blue Vienna - Mt Dandy Bunnies)

Blue Eyed White Buck - Sold.

Vienna Doe - Sold.

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Vienna Buck - Sold.

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14/9/11 - 2 Babies to Tinkerbell (Broken Agouti) & Angel (Blue Eyed White)

Broken Black - Sold.
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Broken Agouti Buck - Sold.

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23/9/11 - 3 Babies to Cloud (Broken Grey Butterfly) & Flip (Broken Black)


Was really hoping for a broken girl from this litter, but alas all the broken are boys.


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Broken Sooty Fawn Buck - Sold.

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Broken Orange Buck - Sold.

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Broken Lilac Buck - Sold.

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Sable Doe - Sold to Wascally Wabbits.

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26/9/11 - 3 Babies to Fairytale (Broken Black Otter Butterfly) & Milo (Chocolate - Little Bunnyatas loaned from Mt Dandy Bunnies)

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An exciting litter as both parents have exceptional type.

I have decided to keep both girls as their grandmother Tinkerbell has had a recurring absess and will be retired.

Black Doe - Retained (Bayswater Bunnies Wicked)

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Broken Blue Doe - Retained (Bayswater Bunnies Gretal)

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2/10/11 - 2 Babies to Mercedes (Chocolate Otter) & Milo (Chocolate)

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Lilac Otter Buck - Sold.

Lilac Otter Doe - Sold to Rendina Stud (Bayswater Bunnies Sweet Pea)



3/10/11 - 2 Babies to Jewell (Lilac Sable Agouti) & Milo (Chocolate)

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Cinnamon Doe - Sold.

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Lynx Buck - Sold to Ryans Rabbits (Bayswater Bunnies Ruben)

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5/10/11 - 4 Babies to Aurora (Chincilla Vienna) & Milo (Chocolate)

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Black Doe - Sold to Rubinea Stud (Bayswater Bunnies Ebony)

Black Doe with white star on forehead and diamond on nose. - Sold to The Rock Rabbits (Bayswater Bunnies Star)

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Vienna Buck - Retained (Bayswater Bunnies Licorce Allsort)

Opal Doe - Sold.



22/10/11 - 1 Baby to Belle (Blue Otter) & Milo (Chocolate)

Chocolate Otter Doe - Sold.



26/10/11 - 2 Babies to Pickles (Black) & Milo (Chocolate)

Chocolate Self Buck - Sold.

Chocolate Self Doe - Retained (Bayswater Bunnies Aero)

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28/10/11 - 4 Babies to Storm (Blue Self) & Milo (Chocolate Self)

Black Self Buck - Sold.

Black Self Doe - Sold.

Chocolate Self Buck - Sold.

Blue Self Buck - Sold.

Blue Self Doe - Retained (Bayswater Bunnies Skye)


8/11/11 - 5 Babies to Darla (Blue Eyed White) & Milo (Chocolate).

Agouti Vienna Buck - Sold.

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Chocolate Vienna Doe - Retained (Bayswater Bunnies Druscilla)

Lynx Vienna Doe - Sold to Mt Dandy Bunnies (Bayswater Bunnies Pinkie)

Black Buck with white nose (VM) - Sold

Chocolate Doe - Sold.



17/12/11 - 3 Babies to Winter (Sable Agouti) & Angel (Blue Eyed White)

Sable Buck (Vienna gene) - Sold.

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Blue Eyed White Buck - Sold.

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Blue Eyed White Doe - Sold.

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