2012 Litters 1.


18/2/12 - 4 Babies to Pixie (Donkathster - Vienna) & Mista Leroy (Lil Thumpers Sir Lynxalot)

Blue Eyed White Buck - Sold.

Blue Eyed White Doe - Sold.

Agouti Doe with white nose - Retained (Bayswater Bunnies Spryte)

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6/3/12 - 5 Babies to Cloud (Bayswater Bunnies - Broken Blue) & Mista Leroy (Lil Thumpers Sir Lynxalot - Lynx) .

Broken Lilac Vienna Buck - Sold.

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Lynx Buck - Sold.

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Lilac with white stripe on head - Sold.

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Broken Lilac Buck - Sold.

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There was an additional healthy Lynx with white strip baby, but unfortunately he fell out of the nest overnight and did not survive. A  Broken Blue had done the same thing the morning before but was found whilst still warm. Hence the name Lucky.



13/4/12 - 2 Babies to Cowgirl (Little Bunnyatas - Chocolate) & Hugo (Cherrytree Warren - Broken Chocolate Otter)

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Chocolate Otter Buck - Sold.

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Chocolate Otter Doe - Retained (Bayswater Bunnies Calamity Jane)

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16/4/12 - 2 Babies to Jewell (Dannor - Lilac Sable Chincilla) & Hugo (Cherrytree Warren - Broken Chocolate Otter)

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Chocolate Otter Doe - Sold to Ryans Rabbits (Bayswater Bunnies Tammy)

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Broken Lilac Otter - Retained (Bayswater Bunnies Sapphire)

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17/4/12 - 4 Babies to Winter (Bayswater Bunnies - Sable Chincilla) & Hugo (Cherrytree Warren - Broken Chocolate Otter)

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BEW Doe - Sold to Cheryalachanna Stud (Bayswater Bunnies Ruby)

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BEW Buck - Sold.

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Chocolate Otter Doe - Sold.

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Black Otter Doe - Sold.

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20/4/12 - 4 Babies to Belle (Bayswater Bunnies - Blue Otter) & Hugo (Cherrytree Warren - Broken Chocolate Otter)

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Black Otter Doe with white stripe on head - Sold.

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Broken Chocolate Otter Doe - Retained (Bayswater Bunnies Mitzi)

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25/5/12 - 2 Babies to Fairytale (Bayswater Bunnies - Broken Black Otter) & Nelson (Donkathster - Blue Eyed White)

Black Buck - Sold.

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Black Otter Buck - Sold.

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6/6/12 - 2 Babies to Ickles (Mt Dandy Bunnies - Black) & Nelson (Donkathster - Blue Eyed White).

Vienna Buck - Sold.

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Black Buck (Retained - Bayswater Bunnies Dillinger).

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14/6/12 - 1 Baby to Druscilla (Bayswater Bunnies - Chocolate Vienna) & Nelson (Donkathster - Blue Eyed White)

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Blue Eyed White Doe (Retained - Bayswater Bunnies Audrey)



22/6/12 - 2 Babies to Isabella (Jabella Bunnies - Blue Vienna) to Nelson (Donkathster - Blue Eyed White).

Mismarked Vienna Buck (Retained - Bayswater Bunnies Domino), Blue Eyed White Buck - Sold.

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2/7/12 - 4 Babies to Darla (Bayswater Bunnies - Blue Eyed White) & Leroy (Lil Thumpers Sir Lynxalot - Lynx)

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Opal Buck - Sold.

Blue Eyed White Doe - Sold.

Opal Doe - Sold

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Blue Eyed White Buck - Retained (Bayswater Bunnies Spike)

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13/7/12 - 2 Babies to KitKat (Bayswater Bunnies - Chocolate Otter) & Malteaser (Mt Dandy Bunnies - Chocolate)

Chocolate Doe - Sold to Jasmine's Netherlands (Bayswater Bunnies Taffy)

Chocolate Doe - Sold.



22/7/12 - 4 Babies to Winter (Bayswater Bunnies - Sable Agouti) & Nelson (Donkathster - Blue Eyed White)

Agouti Doe with white nose - Sold.

Black Doe with white nose - Sold to Stephanie.

Blue Eyed White Buck - Sold.

Blue Eyed White Buck - Sold.



8/8/12 - 1 baby to Wicked (Bayswater Bunnies - Black) & Hugo (Cherrytree Warren - Broken Chocolate Otter)

Black Otter Doe (VM) - Sold.



23/8/12 - 3 Babies to Skye (Bayswater Bunnies - Blue) & Nate (Bayswater Bunnies - Siamese Sable)

Black Buck - Sold.

Blue Doe - Retained (Bayswater Bunnies Kensi)



14/9/12 - 3 Babies to Tipsy (Little Bunnyatas - Chocolate) to Flip (Bayswater Bunnies - Broken Black)

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Chocolate Doe - Sold.

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Chocolate Tortoiseshell Doe - Sold.

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Tortoiseshell Buck - Retained (Bayswater Bunnies Binky Bill)

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14/9/12 - 2 Babies to Hilda (Little Monsters - Blue Eyed White) to Licorice (Bayswater Bunnies - Vienna)

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Blue Eyed White Doe - Retained (Bayswater Bunnies Marshmallow)

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Blue Vienna Buck - Sold.

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12/10/12 - 4 Babies to Hope (Donkathster - Blue Eyed White) & Leroy (Lil Thumpers Sir Lynxalot - Lynx)

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Blue Eyed White Doe - Sold.


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Blue Eyed White Buck - Sold.


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Blue Eyed White Buck - Sold to Staceys Furry Friends (Bayswater Bunnies Peter Pan)


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Blue Vienna Marked Doe (White foot & half collar) - Sold.